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THE Seventeenth Year is published today!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

It’s been an amazing eleven months since I closed my eyes, whispered some ancient Summerian magic words (well, I assume they were magic, they might have meant, “just the one sausage for me, I’m watching my weight”) and hit the publish button on Amazon. Now I’m writing nearly full-time and am able to continue The World Walker series with The Seventeenth Year. It’s my favourite so far, but you’re the readers—I’ll soon know what you think. Gulp. Book four is underway, and my head is spinning with possibilities. Audible has just bought the rights to books three and four. No pressure, considering I’ve only written about 15% of book four…!

UK readers click here: The Seventeenth Year (UK)

US readers click here: The Seventeenth Year (USA)

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