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Just signed a three-book exclusive deal with Audible UK!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019 look...intelligent...

Blimey! Well, that was a surprise. When I started this self-publishing lark, I had no idea if I would sell a single book. I sold a few, then a few more...then a few more than I have readers who love reading what I write, which still puts a big smile on my face every day.

And—last week—I signed a three-book deal with Audible. It's for a near-future series with thriller, mystery, and virtual reality elements. The first one will appear in 2020. They'll be exclusive Audible audiobooks for the first six months, after which the ebook and paperback versions will be available. It's a vote of confidence in my writing from a major company, and I'm excited to start working on the series. I think you're going to love the concept.

It's been a strange start to 2019. I had six new projects on the go, and have only just settled down to writing one of them properly. I'll be tweeting my progress, so if you're a twitterer I'm @IanWSainsbury.

As always, thanks for reading!

PS - I can't decide whether—in that photo—I'm hard at work or half-asleep. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell the difference.

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