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Book Four published today!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Sorry if this appears a bit rushed, but I’ve just stepped away from the enormous showbiz launch party for The Unnamed Way, book four in The World Walker series, in order to blog about the release. I have to get back to the champagne reception as soon as possible. Just had to duck behind a pot plant to avoid a particularly persistent A-list actor who wants to play Seb.

Okay okay, that’s not an entirely accurate picture of my book launch. What actually happened was this: yesterday I stayed up until midnight (midnight! party animal!), pressing the sync button on my kindle app every ten seconds until the book finally plopped into place. This has been my biggest launch so far – over 2,700 pre-orders. I admit to a few nerves as I scanned the book. All the chapters in the right order? Good. Cover looks good (another great design from Hristo Kovatliev). It’s the right title (autocorrect wants it to be The Unmaimed Way, which has a charm all of its own.)

All present and correct. Phew.

My part is done, now it’s over to you. Every reader will bring something different to the story. I hope you enjoy it.

As for me, it’s on to a new story. There are three ideas currently competing for my attention…

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