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Attention, SF book bingers: I made a Box Set of The World Walker Series...

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Now, I know that many of you following me on my blog, or on Facebook, or those of you who suscribe to my email list, have already read all four books in The World Walker series. (Thank you!) However, there are many other readers out there who have yet to be pulled into the mind-bendingly immersive universe of Seb, Mee, Walt, Mason, Bob, Sym (and, later, Joni, Fypp, Bok and Kaani amongst many others.)

Now’s their chance. Because ebooks can be made into box sets with some reformatting and a call to the cover designer (cheers, Hristo), The World Walker series can now be purchased all at once, together, in one fell swoop, simultaneously at the same time for the almost insultingly low price of $8.99 in the US of A, and £6,99 in the U of K, as well as other wondrous places around the planet. That’s a nice fat saving on the cover price of the individual books, and brings you over 400,000 words of Sainsburyfied goodness.

Please spread the word to those of your friends and family who who think might enjoy the books, and don’t forget, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, all four books are available to read for free!

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Greg Alterton
Greg Alterton
Aug 12, 2020

I am RE-READING the World Walker series, which is something I never do -- re-read a book. And, I subscribed to Audible just to have the option of listening to the series. You might say I'm a fan.

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