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Set four years before the events of Winter Falls, Jimmy Blue wants to complete his training with a teacher in California.

Kai—previously a mercenary and off-the-books assassin for the CIA—has chosen a new path, and refuses to share her knowledge with the cold and deadly Jimmy. But when she encounters the helpless and damaged Tom Lewis, she shelters him and guides him to a new level of awareness. Tom flourishes and gains confidence’ Jimmy's murderous presence fades.

But then Kai is murdered and Jimmy returns, vowing to punish those responsible.


This time, he’s not alone. Kai's ex-partner from her black ops days, a man as compromised and dangerous as Blue, seeks the same revenge.

The unlikely pair form an uneasy alliance and follow the chain of command to find out who ordered Kai’s death. They uncover a political scandal stretching to the White House, and a target protected by the Secret Service.

The odds of success are impossibly high, but that never stopped Jimmy Blue before.

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